About The Bartender

One of Brooklyn’s well-known and well-loved bartenders. Shinuh L.T. Holt was born & raised in Brooklyn. She has 10+ yrs. of Bartending experience.

Bartending at New York Landmarks such as The Shark Bar, Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Brooklyn Moon, Wrays, & more..

Shinuh is also a vocalist & a recording artist, her journey in music performing live at venues all over, along w/ curating specialty cocktails over the years, inspired her brand “Don’t Blame The Bartender”.

The brand took on a life of it’s own. Starting as simple phrase, to finding it’s way on clothing & branching out to so much more. “It’s a Conversation piece, I love the smile it’s brings & laughter when one reads it.”, says Shinuh.

On the website You can find trendy cool apparel, bar tools, specialty cocktails, drinking games, bartending services and more..

With her love for travel, she started a travel agency named after the brand titled Don’t Blame The Bartender Takes F.L.Y.T (Forever.
Love.Your. Travel), she also named her Debut Album’s title after her brand, with songs titled after classic cocktails, or popular bar terms, for example “One More For The Road”, “Pour It Up”, “Old Fashioned”, “Whiskey & Cigarettes”

Be a part of her story. Each purchase goes towards her music, whether it’s recording in the studio, shooting music videos, performing live, or simply building her brand.

She partners w/ her brother Isaiah Holt with the DBTB Brand, & partners with her cousin Dauna Webb on their Specialty Cocktail Sangria Sage.
Together they all keep the brand going & with your help it’s growing.

We Thank you for all your love & support.

Much Love,
The DBTB Team